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I was born in Koper (Slovenia) in 1978. After I have finished high school in Porec (Croatia) I have studied at the University of Trieste (Italy). 

Since 2011 I lived in Croatia, after that I moved to Serbia so I moved my kennel too.
I am an active cynologist since 2006, a member of KSRS and for years a member of different breed clubs. I live in a district of Belgrade with my family and my dogs.

I fell in love with the breed in the ’90 and I got my first Chow in 2000.

I started to breed Chow-Chows in 2006 in Novigrad-Istria (Croatia) and I registrated my kennel under the affix of „Shen Te Chows“ FCI 5523.

I have been an International judge for FCI group IV and V (all breeds) since 2013. 

I have been judging in several countries at National and International Shows, Clubshows & Speciality Shows: Serbia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Russia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium. 

Some shows that I would like to mention are:

- Speciality show for group V in Serbia

- German Winner in Leipzig 2015

- Europasieger 2017 Chow Chow’s and group V in the ring of honour

- Chow Chow Ringen Clubshow 2017, Sweden

- Raduno  ANICC 2017, Italy

- Speciality Dansk Chow Chow Klub 2017, Denmark

- Clubshow Chow Chow Slovensko 2018, Slovakia

- 80th Anniversary Jubilee Show during EDS’18 Poland

-National Speciality Show “Золотое Руно – 2019″, 63 Chows entered

- Speciality for group V Sid, Serbia

- Brussels Dog Shows'22

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