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Only a few weeks have passed since that summer afternoon when we found ourselves discussing the possibility of founding a Club dedicated to the splendid Chow Chow breed, a real Club that was truly and completely dedicated to our dogs.

We thought and rethought which was the right name, a simple and immediate name, thus the Italian Chow Chow Club was born. Conditio sine qua non: to make our Club a big family in which the common denominator is the passion for Chow Chow. We wanted to do big what we already do among us, who are a group of friends united by the passion for these extraordinary dogs.

We started with many dreams and many ideas, also many uncertainties but, above all, a great desire to do something concrete for our beloved Chow Chow and for their families, breeders or individuals.

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families, breeders or private individuals.
One of our main objectives is to deepen the knowledge of the breed we love, building a network of exchange of experiences and knowledge to enhance the work of those who breed seriously in respect of the breed. We will deepen the study of the standard, the bloodlines, the health problems and pathologies typical of the breed, the care and management of puppies and everything related to our wonderful Chow Chow. The collaboration with foreign breed clubs with which we would like to collaborate in depth will also be fundamental.

All suggestions are welcome, we are convinced, in fact, that everyone's collaboration can make this project wonderful and lasting. Such a synergy of knowledge and experience could prove to be a tool that the breed has never had in its service. The contribution of all the members will give life blood to the work of the Italian Chow Chow Club, we will all be important, no one excluded!

Good luck to all,
the President and the Board

Elisabeta Maria Manea

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