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The Short-haired Chow Chow

In Italy very little has always been said about the short-haired Chow Chow, perhaps because more emphasis has always been given to the long-haired variety or perhaps because there are still no people who know the existence of this variety of the breed, which is also precious .

Not very conspicuous compared to the long hair but at the same time with the same morphological characteristics of construction, the only difference is the length of the hair, which however highlights even more any defects in construction, movement, morphology, in short, everything that can sometimes be camouflaged by the length of the coat in the longhaired Chow. A good eye should not be misled by this aesthetic difference, but evaluate subjects equally, but unfortunately this does not happen often.

Fortunately, a slight increase in this variety has been observed for a few years also in Italy unlike other countries such as Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland where and for many and many years the short hair is bred as the long hair and to say the true is also much more appreciated. It is thanks to the tenacity of breeders who have a passion for short hair that it was possible to know the existence of this precious variety. For some years now, even in countries like the Russian Federation and Ukraine, short hairs have been bred with excellent results.

valiant smooth.JPG

The parameters of the standard are identical to those of long hair, the only differences are obviously in the length of the hair, which in short-haired subjects must never exceed 3.5 centimeters, whose coat is dense, erect and plush.

The short-haired chow chow can also be mated with long-haired subjects, generating entirely short-haired puppies, totally long-haired puppies or, as is almost the case, short-haired puppies and long-haired puppies within the same litter.

In the exhibition world the Smooth should be better known and appreciated, instead the variety is little considered, it would be nice if one day it was evaluated on a par with the long-haired variety, which in the Nordic countries is already happening with great success and satisfaction.

Ita 2.JPG

Breeding Chow Chow is a great privilege, which feeds on the love for this extraordinary and still somewhat mysterious dog.

We are proud that we have created a place to share our experiences and our passion for this wonderful breed without forgetting the short-haired variety, giving everyone the opportunity to get to know it better and appreciate it more.

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