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College of Arbitrators


Each member, even if holding positions within the Association, is required to comply with the present Statute, the statute of the ENCI, the relative implementation regulation, the provisions of the assembly and the council, all the ENCI regulations as well as the rules of sports ethics and fairness.


The Member who transgresses these obligations or who with his behavior causes moral or material damage to the Association, is liable to disciplinary sanctions that are approved by the Board of Arbiters.
This is made up of three effective members and two alternates, elected by the General Assembly from among the Members who do not already hold the office of Director.

They remain in office for three calendar years and can be re-elected. At least one of the effective members must preferably be competent in legal matters.
In the event of resignation or forfeiture of the Board of Directors or the appointment of a Commissioner, the Arbitration Committee will also be deemed to have lapsed, but may validly operate until the election of the new members.
Any disciplinary decision against a Member must be adopted by majority vote and with the presence of three members of the Board of Arbitrators. If an effective member cannot attend the meeting, he will be replaced by the alternate member.




CANE Johannes Paul


MANEA Elisabeta Maria




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