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Bon Bon Bleu Kennel


Born in 1974. Cognitive-behavioral psychologist. I was born and raised together with dogs and many animals. We raised Yorkshire as a family. Then one day, meeting a Chow Chow at a dog show, it was a dazzling and unique love, so my Hope arrived and Anthony followed.

Since then I have begun to breed and exhibit these creatures that I love with all my being.

Every free moment of my life is dedicated to their well-being and to the joy of walking together a stretch of the path of this life.





I live in the province of Trieste, in the countryside of the Carso Triestino.The first encounter with this fantastic breed took place in the 1960s on the ski slopes where a red Austrian Chow Chow was at the base of the ski lift and, waiting for his owners whom he welcomed between one run and another by wagging his tail without barking, he let himself be petted from strangers in an indifferent, calm and dignified way. My first chow arrived in 1976: after consulting books and magazines we had to decide between the Chow Chow and the Samoyed, even if the latter seemed a little too noisy for an apartment. One day, passing in front of a petshop window my mother saw some puppies, little jumping fluffs and

a black one attracted her attention, I convinced her that he was staying small, that  he  wouldn't  grow  too much (it's easy to confuse the name between Chow Chow and Chihuahua and I hadn't specified the difference)!

No sooner said than done, we welcomed that two-month-old black puffer into the family and from then on my life with this wonderful breed began. I entered the dog world as a perfect ignorant neophyte, then little by little I was introduced to the Ass. Cinofila Triestina until becoming President (for 20 years). The first Chow, who died too early from a tumor, was followed by many others; I was lucky enough to have beautiful dogs who stood out and became champions. I had only a few litters with my females, but it was a wonderful experience and some of my puppies became champions too. Now lives with me a beautiful red female with whom I discovered the world of tracking, Faelivrin del Fiume Giallo known as Filì. She is the first tracking Chow for people (in a playful way) and she did it excellently this year too despite her age (11 years old).

I just can't imagine my home without a Chow Chow!




I grew up with a red Chow Chow as a friend. It was the year 1989 and a small fur ball entered my life, it was a bit strange, she didn't want to play when I wanted to, every now and then she went crazy and started running around in circles like a mad woman and above all she never stopped to amaze me with his intelligence.

We have been sisters, best friends, is the reason for my passion for this breed.

It took me a long time to overcome his death but today I have eleven wonderful Chows in my life, one particular in its own way, but all of them, basically a bit crazy like my beloved Luna. In my future I see Chow, Chow and Chow again.






I met the first chow at the age of 6, it belonged to my grandparents' neighbor; imperturbable, inscrutable, unapproachable, but with an incredible charm. For years I tried to get close and never succeeded. So in 1995 my first red chow arrived: Maya. Since that moment they have always been part of my daily life and I of theirs, succeeding generations, loves and litters. I can't imagine a single day without chow, it would be like stopping breathing.

Now the time has come to do them the favor, trying with this new adventure to bring part of their delicate and wonderful world into our daily life, respecting them, loving them and knowing them.




I entered the world of Chow in a particular moment of my life when I felt the need to have the company of a dog again after the death of my Poochie. Attracted by the aesthetic and character of Chow Chow, my choice fell on this breed and, in particular, on Shan Hu, a special puppy that immediately became my little sister. 

Five years later came Mei, a black earthquake, fierce and stubborn as only Chow Chow can be but also affectionate like no other.



In 2021 then came Arya, her singleton daughter, an earthquake like mom but blue!  It is precisely these peculiarities of Chow Chow that have won me over and that I could not do without anymore.


Immagine WhatsApp 2023-10-16 ore 13.15.32_0ff0dce8.jpg



I met my first Chow Chow in 1995, when my dad decided to adopt that bear (physically and characteristically) in a kennel. I was seven years old but he was my guardian angel, I remember that every morning, upon returning from school, he was waiting for me at the bus stop to bring me home. 

With Giò began my "obsession" with chow. After his death I waited about 3 years before taking another and since then I have never had less than 3 (the perfect number). 

I waged a war for a few years against the abandonment of the Chow Chows, some of them where adopted. I still have one of these wonderful creatures adopted and I can assure you that the love they give is a different, totalitarian, grateful, living love.

At the moment my happy family consists of Igor said Rubacuori, Lagherta the red Viking and Bruce Wayne the blue Superhero that I consider my children. Oh yes, there's also my husband Marco!




Notorious Star Kennel


Together with my partner Betty I share the passion for Chow Chows. The first chow was a gift to her. Attending the shows we met Warrior, Betty wanted him and I ended up in Spain at her kennel, there I saw our Brook for the first time, son of that very majestic dog, he had something special,that look enchanted me and something in my heart said that he should be our dog, and so he was.

Let's say that from that moment the passion became something extremely shared in the family, we started breeding and more than ten years have passed since the first litter, we have gained a lot of experience and we still have lot to learn. 

It is undoubtedly very challenging but, honestly, I can't imagine our life without them now!

They are our family together with Betty and Giulia, our beloved daughter, who has always loved them.

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