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Notorious Star Kennel

It all started with my first Chow Chow about 13 years ago. I had wanted it so much and it had finally arrived: black, stubborn, touchy, affectionate with us but wary of strangers and other dogs, in short, what today I would define a true Chow!

My journey began with him, an intense journey full of Chow Chow.

And although I have changed my whole life for them, I am sure that I could no longer do it and I would no longer know how to do without it. Chow Chows are an integral part of life and my family.





Bon Bon Bleu Kennel

Born in 1974. Cognitive-behavioral psychologist. I was born and raised together with dogs and many animals. We raised Yorkshire as a family.

Then one day, meeting a Chow Chow at a dog show, it was a dazzling and unique love, so my Hope arrived and Anthony followed.

Since then I have begun to breed and exhibit these creatures that I love with all my being.

Every free moment of my life is dedicated to their well-being and to the joy of walking together a stretch of the path of this life.



I grew up with a red Chow Chow as a friend. It was the year 1989 and a small fur ball entered my life, it was a bit strange, she didn't want to play when I wanted to, every now and then she went crazy and started running around in circles like a mad woman and above all she never stopped to amaze me with his intelligence.

We have been sisters, best friends, is the reason for my passion for this breed.

It took me a long time to overcome his death but today I have four splendid Chows in my life, one particular in its own way, but all of them, basically a bit crazy like my beloved Luna. In my future I see Chow, Chow and Chow again.




I met the first chow at the age of 6, it belonged to my grandparents' neighbor; imperturbable, inscrutable, unapproachable, but with an incredible charm. For years I tried to get close and never succeeded. So in 1995 my first red chow arrived: Maya. Since that moment they have always been part of my daily life and I of theirs, succeeding generations, loves and litters. I can't imagine a single day without chow, it would be like stopping breathing.

Now the time has come to do them the favor, trying with this new adventure to bring part of their delicate and wonderful world into our daily life, respecting them, loving them and knowing them.




I entered the world of the Chows at a particular time in my life when I felt the need to have the company of a dog again after the death of my Poochie.

Attracted by the aesthetic and character side of the Chow Chow, my choice fell on this breed and, in particular, on Shan Hu, a special puppy who immediately became my little sister.

Five years later came Mei, a little black earthquake, proud and stubborn as only the Chow Chow can be, but also affectionate like no other.

It is precisely these peculiarities of the Chow Chow that conquered me and which I could not do without.



Notorious Star Kennel

Together with Betty I share a passion for Chow Chows. The first chow was a gift for Betty. Attending the shows we met Warrior, Betty wanted him and I ended up in Spain in her kennel, there I saw our Brook for the first time, son of that majestic dog, he had something special, a look that fascinated me and something in my heart said that he must be our dog, and he did. Let's say that from that moment the passion has become something extremely shared in the family, we started breeding and now it's been eight years since the first litter, we have had a lot of experience so much from  




Han Dynasty Kennel

The first time I met this wonderful breed I was 16, it was 1988. I was going to school when I met a gentleman who was walking along the avenue I was walking down. I was so dazzled and, albeit with great shyness, I stopped to ask what breed it was, because I had never seen such a dog.

All morning I did nothing but think about that majestic chow chow, after class I ran home and the first thing I said to my mother was "today I met the dog of my life".

So in November of the same year Ingrid, my first female chow chow, arrived at home, from there my adventure began, in 1992 I had my first litter, in 1995 I obtained the affix Han Dynasty and from 2014 I started to also breed the shorthaired variety, variety I fell madly in love with. I thank everyone who is close to me and who has always supported me on this path.

first litter, in 1995 I obtained the affix Han Dynasty and since 2014 I have also started breeding the short-haired variety, a variety that I fell madly in love with. I thank everyone who is close to me and who has always supported me on this path. Breeding should not be a competition, but a great passion and towards the breed, made up of sharing and collaboration with breeders, there should be first and foremost a common point or the love and dedication for this extraordinary breed.



My passion for chow doesn't go back a long time, but it was so overwhelming and intense that my life changed in that instant. My woolly wad had arrived home and from that moment that bond was born that invaded my soul so much that I immediately desired a companion for Ranger, Giulia. Their love eliminated everything that was negative, my mission had become: to make them feel good because they made me feel good.

Over time, a series of unpleasant but also wonderful events made my long-awaited litter possible .... What a thrill !!!! Angie and April playing rolling on the carpets, what a wonderful mess. Thank you Ranger for your precious gift, thank you for generating within me that most beautiful storm of emotions in the world. You are the best part of my heart.

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