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In order to join the initiative “CIdCC Accredited Breeder Members List” it is necessary to participate in the association's project by sharing and respecting the following rules. It is possible to request the complete forms from the Club secretariat

  1. Be a member of the Club in good standing with the membership fee;

  2. Respect the health regulations in force;

  3. Respect the code of ethics of the Enci dog breeder;

  4. Enroll in the national registry and register the puppies with Enci for the issue of pedigrees;

  5. Regularly check the health of the breeding stock;

  6. Couple only healthy subjects;

  7. Provide the purchaser with the vaccine booklet and registration at the registry office;

  8. Provide the buyer with the necessary advice for the growth and maintenance of the dog (nutrition, vaccinations, grooming, etc.) and inform him of the strengths and weaknesses of the specimen compared to the standard. Encourage him to get closer to the Club and the dog industry;

  9. Offer their subjects adequate living conditions: veterinary checks, care, cleaning, socialization, adequate and hygienic living spaces, the possibility of enjoying sunny environments and being able to run;

  10. Allow the visit of CIdCC delegates to assess the conditions of their farm;

  11. Grant your consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the privacy legislation in force in order to allow the Club to publish the data of the farm (website, magazine, yearbook, etc.).


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