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Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is foreseen by our statute in article 30

The Board of Directors can establish the technical committee composed of at least four members and will be constituted as follows:
to. by the President of the association or by a Director delegated by him;
b. by affixed breeders with proven experience appointed by the Board of Directors;
c. by people, even outside the association, with proven experience in the breed and dog-loving in general or with specific skills also in the veterinary field.
The members of the Board of Directors who are not members of the technical committee, but owners of breeding farms with ENCI recognized affix, can participate in the meetings of the Technical Committee without the right to vote.
Honorary members can also be part of the technical committee.
They remain in office for three years and can be reconfirmed; if during the three-year period one or more members of the Technical Committee are missing due to resignation or other causes, it is up to the President of the Association to request their replacement from the Board of Directors.
In the event of resignation of the Board of Directors or the appointment of a Commissioner, the Technical Committee will also be deemed to have lapsed: its recomposition will be arranged later after the election of the new Board and according to the rules of this Statute.
The Technical Committee has the task of directing the Council and the Members towards the achievement of those results that represent the zootechnical purposes of the association. All initiatives aimed at improving the breed in Italy, controlling farms, identifying and using the best breeders, preparing the student judges, conducting events, etc. fall within the competence of the Technical Committee which, after having pronounced on the matter, will submit its conclusions and suggestions to the Council.

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